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Courey, Susan

Associate Professor and Co-Coordinator, Mild-Moderate Disabilities Program Area

Special Education & Communicative Disorders



Burk Hall 203


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Educational Background

Susan Courey is an assistant professor in the mild/moderate disabilities program in the Department of Special Education. She received her Ph.D. (2006) from the Vanderbilt University in special education, high incidence disabilities, with an emphasis in mathematics for students with learning difficulties. She teaches graduate courses in mild/moderate disabilities, assessment and instruction, student teaching, and she is active in the joint doctoral program with UC Berkeley.

Research Interests and Current Grant-Funded Projects

Dr. Courey's research interests include teaching mathematics to students with learning differences and middle school mathematics. Currently Dr. Courey is working in collaboration with SRI and San Diego State University on a National Science Foundation funded project to advance the preparation of pre-service teachers in middle school mathematics.  This project is developing a web-based, dynamic textbook based on principles of Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and Technological, Pedagogical, and Content Knowledge. Dr. Courey is currently the principal investigator for a US Department of Education-funded project for program improvement. Federal funding has provided opportunity for SFSU to prepare teachers for a Response to Intervention service delivery model and to utilize emerging novel technology.

Selected Publications

Kwok, K. K., Paik, J. H., & Courey, S. J. (2010). How is Learning Models integrated into teaching fractions? A cross-cultural examination of Teachers’ Lesson Plans. (under review, Journal of Education for Teaching)

LePage, P., Courey, S., Fearn, E., Benson, V., Cook, E., & Nielsen, S. (2010). Curriculum recommendation for inclusive teacher education. International Journal of Whole Schooling, (in press).

Courey, S., Siker, J., Paik, J., & Balogh, E. (2010). Academic Music: Understanding Basic Fraction Concepts Through Music Notation. (under review, Journal for Research in Mathematics Education)

Certo, N. J., Luecking, R. G., Courey, S. J., Brown, L., Murphy, S., & Mautz, D. (2009). Plugging the policy gap at the point of transition for individuals with severe intellectual disabilities: An argument for a seamless transition and federal entitlement to long term support. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 33, 85-96.

Fuchs, L. S., Fuchs, D., Finelli, R., Courey, S. J., Hamlett, C. L., Sones, E. M., & Hope, S. (2006). Teaching third graders about real-life mathematical problem solving: A randomized controlled study. Elementary School Journal 106, 293-312.

Fuchs, L.S., Fuchs, D., & Courey, S.J. (2005). Curriculum-based measurement of mathematics competence: From computation to concepts and applications to real-life problem solving. Assessment for Effective Instruction, 30, 33-46.

Fuchs, L.S., Fuchs, D., Prentice, K., Hamlett, C.L., Finelli, R., Courey, S.J. (2004). Enhancing mathematical problem solving among third-grade students with schema-based instruction. Journal of Educational Psychology. 96, 635-645.

Fuchs, L.S., Fuchs, D., Finelli, R., Courey, S.J. & Hamlett, C.L. (2004). Expanding schema-based transfer instruction to help third graders solve real-life mathematical problems. American Educational Research Journal, 41, 419-445.


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